Additional Services

Outsource Georgia offers wide range of business process supporting services. We are specialized in hiring professionals of different fields. It can be IT services, translation, accounting, contact center or business process supporting services. Skilled and knowledgeable professionals, who meet standards of international companies will support your business at the fraction of the cost of similar jobs in Europe. You can define your needs and request a quote from or let our consultants analyze your business suggest the most efficient outsourcing plan according on the type and size of your company.


Interaction Analytics and Quality Control


Thousands of calls, emails and online chat sessions with customers  hold a wealth of valuable business insights such as what customers like and dislike about the company’s products and services, what they need and want, and what dissatisfies them, their intent and sentiment— insights that impact companies’ key performance metrics. We will analyze and transform the valuable yet hidden information in customer interactions into business results, prepare the workforce for handling customer interactions, shaping interactions in real-time, and continuously improving future interactions. We will prepare data analyses and customer preferences reports without spending extra time and efforts on special surveys.

Data Mining, Internet Research, SWAP Report



Multi-Lingual Human Translation