Outbound Call Center

Outsourcing outbound call center services can significantly increase sales and customer retention  for your company. We will tailor our unique sales and service training with information about your products and services and professionally promote your company to targeted segments. Our team is trained to combine objectives of outbound calls; for example to update database while making survey calls, promptly handle complaint in the phone sale, arrange sale call back as a result of satisfaction survey, etc.


Telemeeting & Appointment setting

Telemarketing, unlike any other segment of call center industry, is based on personal goals of the agent. Therefore, we hire self-motivated, result driven sales people. We provide agents not only with sales and product training but also individually lead them to improve unique sales techniques.

In today’s difficult climate of competition, personal approach is the most efficient way to build long-term relationship with customers. By outsourcing telemarketing to our company you get a team of sales-focused agents capable to recognize customers needs and personalize offers and scripts for each customer. This approach results in increased sales and retention of customers for your company.

Outbound B2B and B2C Surveys

Market research and Customer Surveys provide better understanding of needs and interests of targeted market as well as increase customer awareness, helping you implement more effective marketing and product development strategies.

Our telemarketing agents will conduct the most effective and accurate survey researches meanwhile identifying decision makers and potential customers.

Nothing brings sales spirit as low as constant no answers and hang-ups. It is waste of time, energy and talent of sales agent.

We will save time for your sales team cold calling hundreds of accounts and gain access to the decision makers of your targeted market. Once the potential customer is interested, we will schedule a phone/conference call or physical appointment and send email notifications to both sides.

Effective generation of leads into secured appointments will let your sales agents focus on closing the deal and significantly  increase their productivity.

Product and Service Surveys

Providing clients with a proactive customer service or a survey plays one of the key roles in development and success of a business. A satisfaction verification phone call helps a company to get more insight on operations and customer satisfaction, prevents customers complaints, reduces number of possible refund requests or disputes, increases awareness of customers, leads to new sales and in general, helps you keep your customers close and happy. Our product and service survey methods guarantee increase of customers retention for your business.

And More

Service Fulfillment

Accounts Reactivation

Announcement delivery

Bills Delivery and Collection programs

Other campaigns customized based on client needs