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27 Kavtaradze St, Office #5, Tbilisi, Georgia.



+(995)  322 54 55 95





About us

Outsource Georgia provides business process outsourcing services with special expertise in the fields internet based businesses and inbound-outbound call centers.

We work to provide you, our client, with a one-stop-shop covering any business activity required and offer customized solutions, and cost-effective HR plans tailored according to your business needs. You can start small and than scale up depending on your preferences and business needs. With us you can lower costs of operations while maintaining the quality.


Outsource Georgia offers wide range of business process supporting services. We are specialized in hiring professionals of different fields. It can be an inbound call/contact center, telemarketing, Data Mining and Internet Research, IT services, translation, accounting or different business process supporting services. We'll have skilled and knowledgeable professionals, who meet the standards of international companies support your business at the fraction of the cost of similar jobs in Europe.


Outsourcing supporting processes gives your organization time to focus on the business core while not being concerned of routine activity. You are provided with an effective process resulting in the reduction of the overall operational costs. So contact us for a quote and push your business ahead.

    Our Managers

Nanuli Jgamadze

Founder and

Chief Executive Officer

Company leader with a many years of experience in internet based operations and different e-commerce companies as customer relationship manager, COO and consultant. Founder and co-owner of Outsource Georgia. Expertise: Contact Centers - Recruitment, Training, Management. Business supporting processes. Fluent in English, Russian, German, Georgian.

Shai Studny

Co-Founder and


Expert in development and management of online marketing operations and e-commerce platforms. With many years of experience in online marketing, operation management, customer relations, support and call centers. Co-Founder and partner at outsource Georgia. Expertise: Operations, CRM, VoIP. Fluent in English and Herbrew.

Ekaterine Kezevadze

Chief Operations Officer

Over 7 years experience in contact center industry. Professional team leader and department manager. Worked on number of successful projects and trained numerals teams of Customer Support Agents.  Expertise: Customer Relationship, Quality Assurance, Recruitment. Fluent in German, English, Russian, Georgian.

Tamar Tsomaia

Chief Financial Officer

Accountant and Financial Director with 10 years of experience in the field. Occupied chief accountant position in  big companies like Publicpharmacy ltd, United Water Supply Company of Georgia.

Expertise: Accounting and Finances. Fluent in Russian and Georgian.

The Team

People are number one priority in our company. We realize how important is the contribution made by every employee, this is why we create enjoyable workplace and friendly environment. We believe in people and personal motivation. While recruiting new employees we will always look for young talents, bright, motivated, and willing to dedicate themselves to new ideas and perform at their best for the sake of personal and professional growth.
Strong team spirit is what makes our organization successful. Therefore, every candidate applying to our company has to pass personality screening.

We're hiring!

We are always looking for talented, bright, and motivated, people to join our team.

Recruitment and Training

Outsource Georgia has a very strict 4-phases recruitment process with final, after-training screening. Our clients are involved in recruitment process and are welcomed to hold additional interviews online or on location. We combine our unique general service training with our client’s operations training and within one to two weeks time prepare team, able to manage the back-office and customer claims, improve customer satisfaction and generate repeat business.​

Why Georgia


Georgia is becoming one of the top preferred locations in post Soviet space and Eastern Europe in terms of call center and business process outsourcing services.

It ranks in top 10 Ease of Doing Business countries by The World Bank and IFC Economy Rankings report, June 2012. Skills and knowledge of the labor pool, economic growth of the country, cultural proximity as well as very competitive costs are some of the main reasons that make Georgia so attractive for outsourcing. To sum up, we are offering the best trade-off in the world from a quality/price perspective.

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