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OutSource Georgia offers a state of the art inbound contact center services.  We provide a 24/7 multilingual contact center service via phone, live chat, emails, ticketing system, wall boards, and any other way our customer requires. We regularly provide services in English, German, and Russian. French, Italian, Spanish as well as other European languages can be added upon request.

Our contact center utilizes hosted PBX technology to offer high flexibility to answer any telephony requirements while maintaining minimal costs and allowing our client full control over PBX activity.

Customer Service and Support

In today's world of product availability, abundance of service providers, and competitive prices, it's hard for a company to stand out from the crowd. Providing an outstanding customer service has become crucial in order to dominate the market place and rise above the competition. One could even say providing good customer service is no longer an option or choice; but a requirement. Businesses today know that the way to keep ahead requires enhancing the customer service experience, building lasting relationships with consumers, increase customer loyalty and develop brand advocates.

However, due to economic pressures companies are led to concentrate on their core competencies, creating a difficulty in balancing the need of top notch customer service while exhorting minimal resources. And so more and more business are taking advantage of outsourcing solutions.

Placing the customer service in the hands of professionals allows companies to lower direct and collateral costs, provide high standard support, increase pre- sale & after-sale efficiency and boost overall customer loyalty and brand awareness.

At Outsource Georgia customer care is a leading activity and we treat it as such. We have gone beyond the old call center conventions of answering unattended phones and stepped up to a modern "contact center" that fully integrates online and telephony communications. Services can include managing emails or tickets, telephony communications (with management capabilities over IVR menus, call routing, automated call backs, and more), real-time online chat, fax, social network inquires or complaints, and CRM management.

However, technology is not enough in order to provide a great customer service; it requires two more elements that come hand in hand – personalization to meet the needs of every individual customer and an excellent, carefully selected and properly trained customer service team.

Your customers expect open communication with your company and personalized solution options that fit their needs. To achieve personalized attention agents must understand consumer psyche while having a full an understanding of your product/service, the possible solutions any kind related issue, and your business's strategic vision & goals.

We have learned to train and build prompt and efficient customer service team within short time. Our customer service agents are carefully selected according to both their professional and their personal qualities. We make sure that every team member cares for customer satisfaction and ensuring customers receive the special attention they deserve; but also care for your company's interests. We train our agents not only to provide an extraordinary service but also to pinpoint repeating complaints and inquiries in order to help your business find its weaknesses and improve itself.

We know there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to customer service; There are significant differences between companies and industries which require adaptations to our client's needs and requirements. Our extensive training, variety of services, leading technologies, and service flexibility enable us to customize our solutions to your needs, whatever they may be. So contact us today, tell us about your needs, and let us suggest the solutions that would fit your business best.

Technical Support

If your organization is facing challenges in technical support services or looking to lower the cost of its technical support department, it's time to consider outsourcing the technical support to Outsource Georgia.

From basic troubleshooting to advanced technical support, we can be the first point of contact for your employees and/or customers to handle technical issues. Our experience and professional staff will be able to assist with a broad range of technical support abilities. Our Tier I, and Tier II technical support team will ensure your customers or employees get their questions answered and difficulties resolved, while still receiving a top notch service.

We will assign, hire and train skilled staff according to your specifications. Our technical support agents will be there 24/7 to answer questions, guide your customers/employees through technical processes and if needed provide remote desktop service to solve basic software application and/or hardware. Any complex issue will be escalated to the Tier II agents to provide more advanced solutions who will in turn escalate back to your Help Desk if needed and follow-up with the user to ensure proper resolution.


Booking appointments and reservations or taking a message with appointment information so that you can call back to confirm yourself or use our full service and let us schedule everything for you.  Our agents will answer all calls according to your specifications. We can save time for your employees, improve communication and prevent overbooking.

Order Taking

Properly handheld order-taking service can efficiently ease ordering process and result in better customer experience and retention. Whether you offer a user-friendly online order form or email/fax based ordering process, run a large e-commerce web-site or have a single product,  there always will be significant number of people, who simply prefer to do it over the phone. We will release you and your internal staff of the burden and provide worldwide multi-lingual 24/7 order taking service. Your customers can enjoy the flexibility of placing orders at any time and from any location, without you being worried about office closing hours.

Complaints Handling

Things can go beyond control at some point and unusual situations might occur in any company. Our Customer Care representatives can handle any level of difficulty and even benefit from it. We provide our staff with effective training of complaint handling and conflict resolution. Each complaint will be handled promptly and every customer satisfied with your company. Number of refund requests or disputes will decrease in no time.​

Define telephone solution needs and budget

Set goals and targets on both agent and team level

Define work process and reporting

Set call scripts or let our team build it for you

Optimaize and scale as you go

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