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Outbound call center


Appointment Setting

Lead Generation

Product \ Service Surveys

Outsourcing outbound call center services can significantly increase sales and customer retention for your company. We will tailor our unique sales and service training with information about your products and services and professionally promote your company to targeted segments. Our team is trained to combine objectives of outbound calls; for example to update database while making survey calls, promptly handle complaint in the phone sale, arrange sale call back as a result of satisfaction survey, etc.


In today’s difficult climate of competition, one must take proactive steps to acquire new and repeating cliental. Availability and quality product are no longer enough as market competition grows and services or products are easily accessible and in abundance. To keep up with the competition a company needs to get out there and draw customers in by all means possible. Telemarketing a classic and effective way to accomplish this, but it requires a combination of unique skills, technological capabilities, physical setup, and investing time and money. Outsource Georgia offers outsourced telemarketing solutions that cover all these points and more.

We have gathered a team of telemarketing experts who can lead your hired team of agents on the way to success. Our call center is fully equipped with the physical and technological setup needed to maintain a small or large scale telemarketing operation, and our agents have been handpicked and extensively trained to deliver top of line results.

Telemarketing, unlike any other segment of call center industry, is based on personal goals of the agent. Therefore, we hire self-motivated, result driven sales people. We provide agents not only with sales and product training but also individually lead them to improve and develop unique sales techniques.

We have found that in many cases the "personal approach" is the most efficient way to build long-term relationship with customers and retain the customer in the long run by reselling to a satisfied customer in a personalized fashion. By outsourcing your telemarketing to our company you get a team of sales-focused agents capable to recognize customers' needs and personalize offers and develop customized telemarketing scripts for each customer or consumer segment. This approach results in increased sales and retention of customers for your company.

We can provide you with insightful information about the unfulfilled requirements, the level of customer satisfaction and a detailed breakdown of your customers' needs. Along with this information, we can also advise you of strategic ways to address the customer needs and enhance customer satisfaction and engagement.


Contact us and hear more about our telemarketing and outbound services and get a quote to match your needs and budget.

Appointment Setting

Nothing brings sales spirit as low as constant no answers and hang-ups or "I'm not interested". It is waste of time, energy and talent of the sales agent. Getting to the right people while they are ready and willing to hear of your offer is of vital importance, but letting your best agents chase down the lead might not be the most effective way to go.

We will save time for your sales team cold calling hundreds of accounts and gain access to the decision makers of your target audience. Appointment setting sets the stage as the initial sales pitch of your product or service. We engage prospects at the early stages of the sale process, helping them realize and evaluate their need for the product or service at hand. Once the potential customer is interested, we will schedule a phone/conference call or physical appointment and notify all the relevant parties, making sure your sales agent engages only educated, relevant, and interested leads.

Our B2B appointment setting service is a unique sales channel dedicated to getting you an audience with key decision-makers with interest in your product. The effectiveness of a meeting (face to face, or by phone) with an informed and hot lead is immense.

Our understanding of the call center industry, consumer psyche, market trends and practices will give you the competitive edge you need to dominate your vertical. We possess the knowledge and expertise to generate leads that could convert into sales with greater ease.

At Outsource Georgia, appointment setting is not considered a routine low-end function. Our appointment setting team is staffed by seasoned sales personal with a true flair for sales and excellent communication skills. Outsource your appointment setting to us and we'll ensure meet only relevant potential customers.

Lead Generation

Achieving business growth in a dynamic and competitive market is by no means a simple task. In order to maintain growth an organization needs good solid leads to fuel the sales engine, there's no doubt about that; but how does one generate quality leads in a cost effective manner? Outsourcing lead generation services can help achieve exactly that.

Our lead generation professionals would first define the objectives and analyze the goals of the lead generation campaign. We will then define the segments targeted in the lead generation campaign and the factors of a qualified lead. Then we will get to work, and start reaching out to the relevant prospects. This includes writing a script with the key points, telling prospects about our customer, questioning prospects, contacting prospective customers from seminars, trade shows and conferences, and even helping your organization acquire a targeted database.

Our lead generation team will provide an efficient service that will impact your customer base, increase marketing and sales team productivity, and help your organization gain greater market share and business growth.

Product and Service Surveys

Customer surveys are an effective tool to measure and analyze a wide range of business, customer and consumer aspects allowing you to gain knowledge and insight which can then be applied into action and improve your business.

Whether you want to know how your customers feel about your product, service or website and how to better it, or what additional products/features/services would like to get from you, how they do they feel about you VS your competitors, or even if there are new market opportunities out there that your business can explore; A properly executed survey can help you find the answers, get the insights, and help you establish the right strategy to push your business ahead.

Our team can help you plan your survey structure and design, execute it efficiently, and analyze the results; ensuring a successful survey process which meets your goals and answers your queries.

Additional Outbound Services

Service Fulfillment

​Accounts Reactivation

Announcement delivery

Bills Delivery and Collection programs

Other campaigns customized based on client needs

Define telephone solution needs and budget

Set goals sale targets on agent and team levels

Define work process and reports

Set sale pitch and scripts or let our team build it for you

Optimaize and scale as you go

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