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Outsourcing business processes allows a company to concentrate on their business core while saving time and money.

At Outsource Georgia we understand the main thing driving businesses in their selection of business process outsourcing is COST.

We provide low cost, high performance solution to fit any task requested, no mater the size of the operation. Our service promotes process efficiency while enabling to scale and adjust with ease.

Data Entry and Back Office Work

Data entry is a time-consuming process which can delegate to a dedicated employee but hiring a full-time dedicated assistant in-house is expensive. Outsource Georgia offers dedicated agents that would perform all the tasks required at a fraction of the cost you would spend when hiring full-time employees in-house. With an efficient data entry agent to take care of all the routine work related to data management, your business can devote the time and resources to activities that would better promote its business targets.

IT and Admin services

Before remote IT capabilities were available, IT technicians were some of the busiest people in organizations. Often, employees rely on IT personal for basic support and required a technician to physically approach the computer to troubleshoot or update the computer in person.


Nowadays, remote IT support has become common practice in organizations; it is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Technicians can now provide remote support and organizations can minimize travel and operational costs.


Outsource Georgia provides a comprehensive IT consulting service alongside a remote IT helpdesk service and system administration at competitive costs. We have a team of expert IT consultants who can provide you with crucial insights and valuable service.

With a remote IT service you can allow an IT professional to connect with your computer and/or network, resolving your issues right away, rather than waiting for a technician to visit to your office.


Our online service professionals can assist you in setting up wireless and wired networks, from initial installation to on-going troubleshooting for routers, managed switches, firewalls, proxies and servers. Deploy resiliency and assist with data backup or external storage. Provide a comprehensive scan on machines to detect configuration errors, remove spyware and malware, or other threats.


There is no longer a need to commit to a monthly support contract or hire in-house IT; our remote IT service offers a quick response solution for day to day PC problems. As long as your computer can still get online, we should be able to fix it remotely. Wi th our remote IT support service you can focus on your business, instead of on maintaining your office IT.

Payment Processing and Fraud Assessment

The internet has opened a huge range of business opportunities, allowing businesses to connect with wider audiences, and reach markets that were not available in the past. Online merchants can now market their goods and services across the globe with great ease and increase productivity and exposure with reduced operational costs.


However, the internet has also given birth to a new generation of con-artists and created a breeding ground for identity theft, credit cards fraud, consumer fraud, and service abuse. In today's world of internet commerce and remote services there is a growing need for a new skill set of preventive measures and security in terms of fraud assessment, order and detail verification, and payment processing. These skills are both hard to acquire and develop in an inexperienced team and come with a high price tag as these type of personal don't come cheap and the actions required in order to successfully maintain such risk assessments are time consuming.


Our dedicated and experienced payment processing team uses advanced techniques to assess the risk and legitimacy of an order and potential payment/customer. These different techniques include data crosscheck on your internal database and external recourses, internet and social network research, telephone verifications using different detail confirmation tactics, and additional tools and parameters as defined by our clients.


We also offer process closer in the form of cancelation of orders within your CRM or management system or completing the payment processing process with your defined payment processing solutions where risk assessment has been determined as acceptable.

Dispute and Chargeback Management

Just about every payment method provider offers its users a chance to dispute a charge made on their account within a predetermined time frame due to different reasons. This is a tool that is meant to protect consumers from fraud services, inadequate service or product, unauthorized charges, and more. However, not always a customer has a legitimate case when disputing a charge or in some cases the customer disputes a charge due problems with a service/product without giving the merchant a chance to rectify the situation. Different payment method providers have different criteria and verifications prior to authorizing a disputed charge, and in some cases illegitimate claims or "easy on the trigger" claims are processed through. This hurts a merchant's reputation not only with potential customers but also with its payment processing providers and its bank, and could also put bank and processing accounts at risk of closer which jeopardizes the business cash flow and general stability.

A business can fight this phenomenon by taking prompt and proper action, but this requires understanding of the process, and investing both resources and time. This is where we come in.

Our team will follow up on these claims with both customer and credit card companies to salvage every case possible by providing support related to the product or service, instructing on reversal process of the dispute, providing the credit card company or payment method provider with proof of service / proof product delivery / proof of charges authorization, or by the issuing of refunds prior to dispute processing.

Shipment Monitoring

Managing the distribution of products is a key factor in a company's activities but is often considered a burden on operational management, being a time consuming process which is not a core activity despite it being a critical link in the business relationship with the customer.

We offer shipment and supply chain management services, taking charge of the entire supply chain, from internal logistics and supplier management, over a complex distribution network, to the final delivery at the customer.

Dedicated specialists maintain daily communication with your suppliers, distributors, and drop-shippers; catching potentially problematic issues early and recommending specific solutions, negotiating terms of service in a dynamic environment, and proactively monitoring shipments, tracking status, coordinating package recovery and resolving delivery challenges.

In every company’s supply chain, there are bound to be mishaps that if not addressed, can ultimately affect your customer service, reputation, and income. To minimize damages a business must effectively monitor these events and make the information available to the right people on time.

Supply chain monitoring enables you to transform your supply chain into a real-time adaptive network that optimizes productivity and efficiency by proactively notifying key personnel and customers when mishaps occur across your supply chain. By catching problematic events early and proactively responding, you reduce time to resolution, increase customer satisfaction and trust, and save money in the long run.

Data Mining

Data Mining is a modern way to analyse data, a process revealing useful patterns that can be essential in the decision-making process. By using proper Data Mining techniques and tools we are able to find patterns hidden from the human eye. Data mining is not about simple statistics or pointless number-crunching but a sophisticated, organised process capable of identifying key information which the human brain does not see or perceive. Filtering out random factors, it establishes key relations by converting all types of data into valid, clearly understandable information which can be directly actioned for greater success. As such it manages and builds data into a uniquely valuable asset bank for making a wide range of crucial decisions.

Data mining in customer relationship management for example can contribute significantly to the bottom line. Rather than randomly contacting a prospect or customer through a call center or sending mail, a company can concentrate its efforts on prospects that are predicted to have a high likelihood of responding to an offer.

The overall goal of the data mining process is to extract information from a data set and transform it into an understandable structure for further use.

Internet and Marketing Research

The Internet is a great resource, which can help you streamline your business. Often, there is a need to research the Internet to gather crucial information that may be required for your business. Hiring a full-time employee only to perform tasks such as Internet research is difficult due to the various cost factors associated with it. We offer a cost effective solution to your business research requirements.


Learn about your target market - When you started your business you probably researched your target market. Has that market changed since? Have behaviors and patterns evolved? If so, has your business also evolved accordingly? Gathering updated information about the buying behaviors can boost your business.


Spy on the competition - There’s nothing wrong with checking out the competition. What are they doing that you aren’t? Are those tactics effective? You don’t want to steal off of your competitors, but you do want to know what they’re up to and do it better.


Find potential partners - Which websites can you advertise on? Where can you find the right affiliates? Let us answer these questions for you.


Let us take care of the hard work and get trouble free access to the information that you are looking for. Meanwhile, you can utilize your time in doing more productive tasks.

Multilingual Human Translation

We offer a quick and professional translation service from and to Georgian-Russian-German-English-Italian-French. No project is too big or too small, we can translate documents, promotional or professional texts, website content, or any content needed. Get to notch service, timely delivery and competitive prices.

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